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Your Story + Our Makers.
Go Together.

Tandem Quilting Co. is composed of strong women who we call "makers". These women are not only committed to making the highest quality of quilts, blankets, and products but also to making a "better" life for their families.

The Tandem team is composed of the Founder and lead-maker, Elizabeth Beck, and a group of women who are refugees living in East Atlanta.

Whether you desire to honor a life well-lived, capture and share a meaningful season of your life, or celebrate a milestone our team can craft a beautiful quilt that will last for generations, capture your personality, and bring life to any room.


"My quilt made by Tandem Quilting Company is so colorful and beautifully constructed that it makes me feel good just to look at it!"

- Marilyn, Atlanta


Decades of Beautiful Quilting
Meet Elizabeth Beck

My name is Elizabeth Pate Beck, and I am a native of Atlanta, Georgia. I grew up in a very artistic family and went on to study Architecture at Clemson University in South Carolina. I now live outside of Atlanta with my family. I have always loved the design process and enjoy a great sense of gratification when a project is completed.

When my children were very young, I began my quilting journey, never imagining where it would lead. Through the first years, I made quilts for my children, new babies and friends. I saw faces light up as they were gifted their new quilts. I fell in love.

When my children were very young, I began my quilting journey never imagining where it would lead.


In 2009, I started a home-based business called Elizabeth Beck Quilts. I began to run after a dream. I rented a long-arm quilting machine 30 miles west from my home. I studied under Angela Walters, who I think is one of the best long-arm quilters and is the kindest woman in the world!

While my husband and I were running after a vocational dream, we were simultaneously falling in love with our neighbors. We began investing time in the lives of refugees arriving in Clarkston, Georgia, which is one of the largest refugee resettlement communities in the southeast. It is 8 miles east of Atlanta. CNN deemed it the most diverse square mile in America. Atlanta is already a melting pot, and Clarkston has become the self-proclaimed "Ellis Island of the South”, welcoming waves of tens of thousands of refugees.

We fell in love with these beautiful new neighbors and were amazed at the talents they brought to their new homes in America. We learned that they were master sewers in their own countries. Not only that, but they had larger dreams for their lives and their families. Having this in common, we decided to start something together. 

These beautiful neighbors had dreams for their life and their families and we decided to start something together.

We launched "Tandem Quilting Co."

My heart is to tell the stories of these resilient refugee women, empower them, provide sustainable job opportunities for them and their families, and celebrate the talents they possess.

I have found great joy in working in tandem with these beautiful women and creating quilted treasures for every moment of life: welcoming a new baby; mourning the loss of a dear loved one; celebrating an event like a wedding, graduation or an athletic accomplishment. Our makers are finding joy in being able to do work they love and caring for their families.

I began quilting to fulfill a dream of bringing more joy to others. Today, both the quilts and the creating of the quilts are making dreams come alive. My dreams. Our makers’ dreams. Your dreams.

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"We ordered a quilt for each of our children when they graduated high school. Each quilt captured the happiness that was their active lives and sent them off to college with a warm blanket to boot! 

For the kids, it was perfect. Plus, they have stood the test of time!"

— Kate, Atlanta


What's Your Story?
And More Importantly, How Will You Share It?

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"...a little town of stories, refugees, and making the best of one's situation meet lost ones, marathoners, and memories that are worth making tangible."

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