We Love Seeing Dreams Transform Into Realities


We can create everything from pillows to something you saw on Pinterest to arena banners. (Except we prefer pillow cases and to create things of sentimental value. We're feelers.)

Tandem is a place for dreamers and we rarely believe a dream is too big. If you have an idea, please share it.

If we can't help, we love to be inspired and hear your story.

This incredible flag was a true gift of love from our friends at Tandem! Our team dreamed up the crazy idea to have a larger-than-life flag (that ended up measuring 22ft high and 26ft wide) to share this hopeful message, and Elizabeth said “Yes!” She didn’t have all the answers, but she said she would figure it out. Her team spent countless hours making it come to life. They even rented a school gym and sewed it together on the floor.

It’s no mystery that this community is made up of people who say ‘’yes” to crazy ideas, and we are thankful for this piece.
— Plywood People, Cabbage Town

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