A Simple Process. A Beautiful Result.


1. Choose Your Size & Style

Any-sized, handmade t-shirt or memory quilt comes from three foundational design styles.

The best place to start is to narrow down your preferred size and style. Think of how many shirts you have and what elements of the shirt are most important for you to feature. Click any image to expand and view in more detail.

1. Scrambled

2. Geometric

3. Whimsical


2. Pick Your Fabric & Extras


This part is so fun! Fabrics are a tangible hint at your personality. Whether you pick out your own fabrics OR you decide to let Tandem chose your fabrics, the fabrics will complement your shirts and the style you desire. 

Selecting fabric considers where the quilt will be used, how it will be used, and more to be sure you're getting a cozy quilt generations will snuggle up in.

Some Extras include:

  • Fabric sleeve for storage
  • Embroidered quilt label
  • A different back rather than the beige muslin fabric. Popular fabrics include flannel, cotton and minky.
  • Prep to create squares out of pockets

3. Send Tandem Your Shirts

Because your shirts are your precious possessions, Tandem will handle them with the utmost care!

After you ship, or deliver, your clean shirts it's time for the Tandem magic to happen! Our team will cut, prepare and interface your shirts.


4. Preview Your Quilt Design

Tandem knows quilts are beautiful treasures. When we feel we have created the perfect layout of your t-shirts/clothing in the style you chose, we will send you pictures to gain your input. We're more than happy to tweak, re-arrange, and craft the quilt exactly how you want it!

Then it's time to make it real!


5. Receive Your Beautiful Quilt

This step is pretty simple and requires no explanation... but it's our favorite. (Please don't forget to share your stories with us.)


"Words can not describe how I feel about Emma’s quilt. It literally brought tears to my eyes when I opened it up and laid it out. 

The Tandem Team has such an amazing talent and this is something that I know Emma will treasure forever."

- Olivia, Atlanta


T-Shirt Quilt Pricing Overview

Small Throw (54″ x 68″) 12 T-shirts

  • Scrambled – $325
  • Geometric – $350
  • Whimsical -$375

Large Throw (74″ x 74”) 16 T-shirts

  • Scrambled – $425
  • Geometric – $450
  • Whimsical – $475

Twin (70″ x 86″) 20 T-shirts

  • Scrambled – $515
  • Geometric – $540
  • Whimsical” – $575

Full (84” x 96”) 24 T-Shirts

  • Scrambled – $610
  • Geometric – $640
  • Whimsical” – $675

Queen (90″ x 108″) 30 T-shirt

  • Scrambled Column – $745
  • Geometric – $800
  • Whimsical – $865

King (110” x 108”) 36 T-Shirts

  • Scrambled Column – $895
  • Geometric – $950
  • Whimsical – $1015

Additional upgrades

  • “Sleeve” attached to the back to hang the quilt – $35
  • A different back rather than the beige muslin fabric – $25 (plus cost of fabric)
  • Prep work for jerseys (add fabric at neck, etc) – $5 each
  • Prep to create squares out of pockets – $10/square
  • Embroidered Label: Price per letter/custom price